Air Freight Standard

SAL Carriers AIR Standard Temperature Controlled Air Freight

 proactive shipment monitoring and intervention, this servicedelivers regulatory compliance with high visibility of

the Customer’s product movement throughout the supply chain.
temp_control_air_thermonet_230x165Meeting global standards for temperature-controlled life sciences air freight

shipments, the service is supported by our global Good Distribution Practice

(GDP) compliant network of certified.

life sciences stations. Adhering to regulatory compliant customer procedures, this service is managed

through the industry-dedicated IT system ‘LifeTrack’.
A single global network of certified life sciences stations managed by and compliant to DGF’s GDP guidelines

,24/7/365 proactive shipment monitoring and intervention , Single Quality Management System with DGF GDP
guidelines embedded into the processes ,Over 4,500 trained and certified life sciences specialists ,End-to-end SOP

driven process, delivering the highest quality standards ,Shipment visibility and monitoring supported by in-transit.

temperature data and monitoring RFID ,Import/export customs brokerage provided.
IT Platform – “Life Track” specifically for the Life Science industry, Network – certified Life Sciences.
stations and specialists, auditable handling processes, Quality & Compliance – through quality
management system & good distribution practices guidelines,Cold Chain Design & Implementation.
– automated SOP change management & version control ,Visibility & Monitoring – in-transit
temperature data & monitoring RFID